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Homeroom Administrator Account information (form that was faxed to the NJDOE) only provides access to the Homeroom Administration System. To access any of the Data Collection Systems you need to have your district's Homeroom Administrator create a user account for those systems.
During the month of August, DOE IT will be migrating Homeroom applications to a new server. The moves will be staggered across the month and will result in no downtime. As part of the migration, application URLs will change. Always go to Homeroom ( to access your applications. The URLs there are always accurate. If you have bookmarked a link to a Homeroom application, you will need to delete the bookmark and go to Homeroom to access the application. If you experience issues accessing an application after going to the Homeroom page, please clear your browser’s cache.
To change Homeroom Administrators  for your district please fill out the   Change Homeroom Administrator Form
Do not bookmark links to any of the systems in Homeroom. The systems get archived yearly, therefore the bookmark will take the user to the previous year's system. Before entering data into a new system delete cache from your browser.

Homeroom Administration Data Collection Information Center

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Active Systems
AchieveNJ Data
AchieveNJ Annual Evaluation Survey
CAFR Repository
CTE Re-approval
CTE(Secondary and Adult)
Early Childhood NEW
ESEA-NCLB Allocation Notices
HIB Grades
HIB Grades Report
Inderect Cost Rate Notification
NonPublic Enrollment
Perkins Performance
PSSD Appendix S
Seal Of Biliteracy
School Aid
School Application Folders
School Register Summary
State Facilities
State Responsible Homeless Tuition
Supplemental Choice
Transportation-Accident Reports
VPA Survey
Web User Admin

Inactive Systems
Exemplary Educator
Report Card
Transportation-Nonpublic Routes

Homeroom Administrator Manual Homeroom Administrators! Please read the Manual before you enter the site
ADDL Ch 192-193 Funding Statement and Additional Funding Request
AMAO AMAO Data Report
AchieveNJ Data  District Level AchieveNJ Data Cards
AchieveNJ Annual Evaluation Survey Survey for District Leaders to Report on the Implementation of their Educator Evaluation System
ASSA  Application for State School Aid   
AudSum Audit Summary Online
Budget 2017-2018 Budget Statement Software
Bilingual   Bilingual Waiver Request Submission 
CAFR Repository Application for the Electronic Upload of the CAFR Submission Package
CDS CDS Information System
Ch192-193 Report of Nonpublic Auxiliary and Handicapped Services 
CHE Charter School Enrollment System
CSSD CSSD Tuition System
CTEDMS  Career and Technical Education Data Management System
CTE Program Approvals CTE Program Approval Applications 
CTE (Secondary and Adult) Secondary districts with state approved secondary CTE programs and adult Perkins Eligible CTE programs
DSDC Debt Service Data Collection
edConnectNJ  IIS additional data loading
Early Childhood  NEW Early Childhood Materials
EEDS  Emergency Disaster Preparedness and Reporting System
ESCT The Evaluation Score Certification Tool
ESEA Allocation Notices ESEA Consolidated Subgrant Application
EVVRS Electronic Violence Vandalism, Substance Abuse Reporting System
EXAID Application for Special Education Extraordinary Aid
Exemplary Educator Exemplary Secondary Educator Recognition Program
EWEG Grants: IDEA, NCLB, PERKINS and Discretionary
FICA Social Security Contributions 
GEOY Governor’s Educator of the Year Program
HIB-Grades  School Self-Assessment for Determining HIB Grades 
HIB Grades Report School Self-Assessment for Determining HIB Grades Report -District Level
HIB-ITP  Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying–Investigations, Trainings & Programs - District Level
Indirect Cost Rate Notification Indirect Cost Rate Notification Reports 2017-2018
NonPublic Enrollment NonPublic Enrollment and Approved Private Schools for Students with Disabilities Program Enrollment
NPCR Nonpublic Project Completion Reports (Nursing, Textbook and Technology Included)
NPAC for ESEA NEW Nonpublic Affirmation of Consultation for ESEA Applicants
PARS21 21stCCLC and EvenStart Program Activity Review System
PERKINS  Preliminary FY18 Perkins Secondary and Postsecondary Grant Allocations
Perkins Performance FY18 Perkins Secondary and Post Secondary Performance Report
PLRMS  Provisional Licensure Registration Management System
PSSD PSSD Appendix S System
QSAC SOA & DPR Statement of Assurance and District Performance Review
Report Card New Jersey School Report Card
RCN Report Card Narrative
School Aid School Aid Payments and Notices
School Application Folders Title I, Part A Schoolwide Application Process – Electronic Uploads
School Register Summary 2016-17 School Register Summary
Seal Of Biliteracy Seal Of Biliteracy-Electronic Upload
SEC School Ethics Commission List of School Officials
SFEA Application-State Agencies Only State Facilities Education Act (SFEA)  
SIPMS School Improvement Plan Management System
SOAPDP NEW District Professional Development Plan - Statement of Assurance
State Facilities State Facilities Enrollment Count
State Responsible Homeless Tuition Tuition Reimbursement for State-Responsible Homeless Children and Youth
SSDS Student Safety Data System
Supplemental Choice 2017-2018 Supplemental Choice Enrollment Collection
SWPMS New Jersey Department of Education Title I Schoolwide Plan Management System
Transportation(DRTRS) District Report of Transported Resident Students
Transportation-Accident Reports  Preliminary School Bus Accident Reports  
Transportation-Nonpublic Routes Nonpublic Route Verification Report
VEDS(College Data collection) This website is only for colleges that have state approved CTE programs.
VPA Survey Visual & Performing Arts Education Survey