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Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse Incident Reporting System  

The EVVRS is closed for Data Entry and Modification and will re-open in the winter.  Reports may be accessed. 

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Attention New Users: Read Me First (Word) (HTML)
Attention Returning Users: Read Me First (Word) (HTML)
EVVRS User Manual Updated 10.28.2009 (Word) (HTML)

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EVVRS Incident Definitions (Word) (HTML)
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Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse Incident Report Form (New) (PDF)
Report of Suspension of Students with Disabilities (New) (Word) (HTML)
Verification Faxback Form (Word)  
Training Materials    
EVVRS Training Presentation, Spring 2008 (Powerpoint)  
EVVRS Training Presentation, Winter 2009  (Powerpoint)  
EVVRS Training Presentation, Spring 2010 (new) (Powerpoint)  
2009-2010 Notices to EVVRS Users (Word) (HTML)
Changes to the EVVRS, 2009-10 (Word)  
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