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Electronic Violence and Vandalism Reporting System (EVVRS) 

  EVVRS Data Collection and Modification
  EVVRS Admin for Deleting Incidents and Data Submission
  EVVRS Report Module

User Documents     
EVVRS User Manual (PDF)  
HIB-ITP User Manual (PDF)  


Quick Access    
EVVRS Incident Definitions (PDF)
Recommendations for Data Confirmation and Verification (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Data Verification (PDF)
Reporting Forms    
Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse Incident Report Form (PDF)
HIB-ITP Data Collection Form (PDF)
Suspension of Students with Disabilities Report Form (PDF)
Training Materials    
EVVRS Training    
  Audio PowerPoint    

  Improving Data Reporting: Support for EVVRS and HIB-ITP Decision-Makers Webinar    
  (After launching, a blank page will appear for several seconds before the webinar begins. From the webinar, click on "Tools" then "Audio" then "Speaker Settings" to select the device on which you intend to play audio.)    

  Improving Data Reporting: Support for EVVRS and HIB-ITP Decision-Makers - Follow-up Question and Answer Session    

  Questions and Answers Log from Improving Data Reporting: Support for EVVRS and HIB-ITP Decision Makers' Webinars    

 (December 19 and 21, 2012 and January 11, 2013 - Participant questions with answers provided by NJDOE)    

  Improving Data Reporting:  Support for EVVRS and HIB-ITP Decision-Makers PowerPoint    

  EVVRS and HIB-ITP Data Submission Procedures Webinar    

  HIB Resources    

          Offender Information Page Resource


          EVVRS Primer Three Considerations


May 20, 2014 memo (2013-2014 EVVRS Verification and HIB-ITP Certification)


December 10, 2013 memo (Opening of 2013-2014 EVVRS System)

October 15, 2013 memo (Opening of 2013-2014 HIB-ITP System)    
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